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Black Chicken Banana Flower Salad

Ingredients: black chicken, banana flowers coriander herbs, limes (extract them to get juice) salt, sugar How to have this food? Boil chicken Prepare banana flower (slice and soak it in mixed lime juice with water…

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Wheat Flour Noodle Beef Soup

Ingredients Wheat-flour noodles, homemade soup broth Sliced mouth-bite beef, some sliced beef with fat (optional) Chopped scallion/green onions How to have this bowl of soup? Bring soup to boil. Add noodles and sliced fat-beef. When…

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Udon and Rice Noodles Beef Soup

Ingredients Vietnamese rice noodles, Pre-boiled/steamed Vietnamese udon noodles Sliced beef (some fat-beef is great) Pre-made soup broth Asian chives (cut) Scallion/green onion (chop) How to make it? Bring pre-made soup broth to boil. Add fat-beef…